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Acolytes serve at the altar and assist the priest.  They are assigned for each Sunday.  Any baptized member in good standing may serve as an acolyte.  Youth are especially encouraged to be trained.  Krishna & Kimberly Mangru are the co-coordinators.


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a dedicated group that care for and prepare the altar for Sunday, Weekly and Holy Day worship.  They usually meet monthly on the second Saturday.  Meetings begin with mass and consist of teaching by the Rector or other members and business.  After the formal meeting, there is a period of fellowship and lunch.  While altar guilds have traditionally been mostly women, men are invited and encouraged to be part of the altar guild, as well as youth, so that the traditions of this vital ministry are passed on.  Rowena Chester is the directress.



The volunteer choir is a small group of dedicated men and women who sing at the 11 AM Sung High Mass and other special High Masses.  The choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 7:40 PM, following the Low Mass.  Anyone with an interest in singing may speak with Director of Music, Lance Davis, for an audition.



This ministry prepares the coffee hour after the 11 AM Mass.  Coffee hours at All Saints tend to be rather substantial, from sandwiches and cake or cookies to an elaborate lunch that showcases the diverse, international culinary talents of our parish.  Individual parishioners and families often sponsor coffee hours to celebrate important life events.  Rowena Chester is the coordinator.


Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest during the Mass, including serving as chalice bearers during the communion.  This ministry requires formal training by the Rector and other current Eucharistic Minsters.  Marion Brown is the coordinator.



Lectors read the Old Testament and Epistle readings during the Mass.  All members are invited to be trained and participate as a lector, especially youth.  Joyce Walton is the coordinator.


 Community Cemetery Project

This is a community-based project organized by leaders from around Woodhaven. The Wyckoff-Snedicker Cemetery is a historic cemetery originally owned by several of the founding Dutch families of Queens and Brooklyn. When the cemetery fell into neglect in the mid-20th Century, it was purchased by St. Matthew's Episcopal Church and has been maintained by the church ever since. All Saints inherited the care of the cemetery when we moved to this location in 2013. The long-range plan for the cemetery includes beautification of the grounds, landscaping, and creation of a quiet space for meditation.  Visitors are welcome to visit the cemetery and help with the efforts of the project. Click here for a history of the cemetery.


Pastoral Care Ministry & Lay Eucharistic Visitors

This is team of people who help the priest in visiting the sick and shut-ins, often bringing them communion.  Marion Brown is the coordinator.


Society of Our Lady of Walsingham

All Saints is a cell of The Holy House of Our Lady of Walsingham and St. Martin de Porres.  The cell meet formally on the first Thursday of the month to pray the rosary and devotions at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  Fr. Whitmire is the Priest Associate.

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St. Hilda's Guild

St. Hilda's Guild consists of a group of women of All Saints committed to outreach and service.  The Guild also participates in the activities of Episcopal Church Women (ECW), both within the Diocese and nationally, and raises funds for the United Thank Offering (UTO).  Glenda Charles is the president.

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Senior Lunch Program

The Senior Lunch Program is put on by a dedicated group of people monthly usually on the third (3rd) Saturday of the month.  The lunches are sponsored by individuals, groups of members, and families. While plans to renovate the All Saints Parish Hall are underway, the Senior Lunch Program currently meets at the Church of the Resurrection, 85-01 118 Street, Richmond Hill, New York 11415.  Lunches begin at 12:15 PM.  Marion Brown is the coordinator.


Sunday School

Immediately following the 11 AM High Mass, young children of all ages meet for 20 minutes of instruction in the back of the nave.  Topics may include telling of Bible stories, discussion of the lectionary readings of the day, show-and-tell of features of the church building, and walking the Stations of the Cross. Anestha Crawford and Hazra Whitney are the coordinators.




This faithful group of parishioners provide rides to parishioners who do not drive and are unable to take other means of public transportation.  Marion Brown is the coordinator.



Ushers and greeters meet people as they come into the church, hand out bulletins, answer questions, help visitors with seating, take up the collection, and guide people in taking the elements to the altar for Communion.  Norma Kellman is the coordinator.


Tuesday Evening Bible Study

This group meets for Bible Study or discussion of other topics in church history, church doctrine, and theology.  It meets weekly on Tuesday evenings in the Rectory and begins with a potluck supper.  The discussions are led by Fr. Whitmire.


Children & Youth

Parents of children and youth get together to plan events for our children and youth. They also coordinate participation with diocesan youth events.  Events include special treats at coffee hour, bowling, movie nights, and periodic get-togethers at the Rectory.


Young Adults

Young adults 18 and older get together occasionally for events at the church or at other venues.