Mass Dedication

You may make a contribution to the General Operating Fund by requesting a mass to be dedicated on behalf of a loved one or in celebration of an important life event (e.g., birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc…).

Sunday Mass ($100)
Weekday Mass ($50)

When your request is received, you will be contacted for verification.

If there is a conflict of dates & times, the first request received will take precedence.

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Best Phone Number
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Date Requested
When would you like to have a mass offered? (Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday)
Examples: 1) In loving memory of John Doe, given by his wife, children, and grandchildren. 2) On behalf of Jane Doe on the occasion of her 75th Birthday, given by her loving husband John. 3) In thanksgiving for the birth of James Doe, given by John & Jane Doe.
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